Discover Global Fusion

By one of the most experimental chefs in town

Bethlyn's Global Fusion bistro and fusion restaurant has been pushing the boundaries of worldy fusion cuisine since 2014.  Our Chef Bethlyn Rider has won numerous awards for her cuisine and is known for her creative and exciting combinations of unlikely flavors.  Come in and enjoy lunch or dinner like you have never experienced before!  Taste our famous Lobster Burgers, Fried Avacado Tacos, Korean Waffle Bowl, Japanese Tacos, Bi Bim Bob Korean bowl, and more!

Farm to Table Thursdays

On Thursdays only, we have "farm to table" specials on Thursday nights.  Farm to Table specials are creations from farm fresh ingredients that Bethlyn picks from Bend's local farmer's market, and other local farmers.  She then tries her hand at new an exciting off-the-menu items.

Fusion Catering

Surprise your guests with Fusion Cuisine catering featuring exciting flavors from around the world.  Our menu is eclectic and gourmet. We have been catering for longer than we've owned our restaurant, and our catering is professional and reliable.  Best of all, it'll be like nothing you or your guests have ever experienced before.  Come in and sample our menu before you decide, you won't be dissapointed!